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Monday, October 11, 2010

The conversational differences between Men and Women: African Honey Badgers, Lesbian Porn and September 11, 2001.

Topic of the Week
Finding enjoyment and playfulness.

Yesterday morning, as is sometimes our routine on lazy weekend mornings, the Hubbie and I talked over coffee about news, politics, various points of interest and the random tidbits we perused on the internet. Some how when this happens I invariably hit upon my great concern for the planet. A "what have we done and what can we do?" sort of approach which has me wax philosophically about the state of the planet and the difference I may or may not be able to make.

I recall a poignant news article about a lost child or a heroic account of a man bringing books, in the native language, to an African village that had never seen any previously. I was outraged by Rush Limbaugh and amused by Jon Stewart. I saw a great halloween craft for The Girl and I to try and I was interested in the benefits of our garlic consumption.

What about you, my darling? What have you seen this week?

A long pause and then a sudden, "Oh Sweetie, you have to search on African Honey Badger."

"African Honey Badger?"

"Yes. They are about the coolest, fiercest animals on the planet. You've got to see how they attack and eat snakes!"

My curiosity is piqued.

Yes they are cool, but how the heck did you happen upon them? What were you doing that had you find them.?

"Remember the conversation we had about Africanized Honey Bees?

 (Vague recollection of a "conversation" from last week.: He was reminded of a bee sting The Girl got, while at the park several months ago, and said something like "we were lucky that bee wasn't an Africanized bee!" )

"Well I was looking at some Africanized Bee statistics and somewhere the badger was mentioned as being one of their only predators so I had to take a look!"

Fascinating! But Let's get back to the bigger world issues I was discussing! I direct the conversation back to the state of the country and random bits that caught my attention in a blog or two. Some how all of it brings me back to September 11, 2001. All the NYC Mosque controversy keeps the topic on the top of my hot list and I mention how at the time, I was living in New York and participating in Sweat Lodges and this American Indian Elder had shared something that I thought was pertinent still today.

The Elder said that he thought the biggest mistake people could make, with regard to remembering the fateful September day was to refer to it as September 11th. He said that one should always say September 11. 2001. It being important to designate the actual year and thus placing the date firmly in the past. The Elder felt  that referring to the tragedy without the inclusion of the date gives it more power to continue destruction and by collectively placing the event in the past our country would be able to heal more quickly.

Ten years later, I see that his advice has not been followed, and I mused with my Sweetie wondering if it could have made a difference. I was feeling all philosophical at the moment and was wondering what perspective my hubbie might have on the matter.

He begins, "You might call me crazy..."

At this point I eagerly listen up. The Sweetie regularly shares opinions I haven't considered in my personal assessment of world events and requires me to give up much righteous indignation. It felt like one of these moments might be upon me. That is until he continued...

"You might call me crazy but all this talk of Sweat Lodges has me imagining a great porn movie. Couldn't you see it? Lesbian lovers meet in the heat and steam of a possibly psychedelic sweat lodge. There could be a nice back story but they come together in the swirling heat and fire of the lodge. I'm thinking of a Red Shoes Diary sort of thing, not hard core porn or anything like that.

What do you think? Couldn't it be great?"

I am laughing hysterically at this point.

My philosophical discussion succumbs a banal transfiguration and the conversation is no longer mine. More specific details about camera angles and lighting follow.

"Every man thinks he would make a great porn director." my hubbie concludes.

And I conclude, not even the most horrific events will ever overshadow this reality.

Next Post: Some big fun!

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  3. Speaking of lesbians in psychedelic sweat lodges, do you know much about bonobos? My curiosity was piqued when I started reading Sara Gruen's new book "Ape House." This led me to pick up the book "Bonobo Handshake" by Vanessa Woods. Bonobos are one of the 5 great apes (humans, gorillas, orangutans, chimps & bonobos.) They are well known for the frequency of sexual contact between their "tribe" members as well as for engaging in lesbian/homosexual acts, oral sex, & group sex. They have a very peaceful culture (as opposed to chimpanzees who can be very aggressive) and are highly endangered. Happy Tuesday...

  4. This is the most amazing blog post title I've ever seen. LOL! Gotta love the honey badger though! Anything that eats poisonous snakes is alright with me. Great and entertaining post. A lot of fun.


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