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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bloggy Domination and other Curiosities!

Topic of the week
The desire to learn or know about anything. 
To explore, question, and wonder.

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OK so when I first came up with Curiosity as a parenting virtue I was definitely thinking about fostering curiosity in my daughter but this week I am not specifically thinking about her. This week all of my curiosity is piqued about my upcoming trip to Bloggy Boot Camp! I started blogging about a year ago, with my Everyday Bliss blog, and I started Everyday Mommy about three months ago and I have to admit I am wondering where to go with it all. I totally started blogging for my own fun and entertainment but now it is starting to feel a little bit like a job. A job that I totally love but a job none the less.

Here I sit with less then 50 visits to my blogs each day and I feel like there are millions of you out there who will be disappointed with what I am or am NOT doing. If I had unlimited time I think I would certainly "get to" all the great ideas I think you are interested in! Ha! Who am I kidding. It is just that I can't help my delusions of grandeur. I have thoughts that my Everyday Bliss blog could become the next Zen Habits (which I totally love and admire) and Everyday Mommy will be the next Dooce (and I don't even like Dooce!).  Truthfully, nearly a year into it I'm not really certain what I am doing and I've decided Bloggy Boot Camp is the place for me to find the answers.

That may be a lot of expectation to pile on a little one day seminar but what the heck?! I mean, since The Girl was born I have NEVER been away from her for more then a couple of hours at a time and I've come up a couple of good ideas anyway. On Saturday I will be spending 8+ hours solely in the company of adults. I'm positively giddy with anticipation.  I'm curious (see I can stay on topic!) to see if I can actually have adult conversation. I'm curious if I am going to learn something new that will breath new life into my blogging experience. I'm curious if I'll like the bloggers in person as much as I enjoy reading some of them and, of course if they will like me. I'm curious if I will find any answers to the questions that plague my every waking moment... oh, yeah it isn't therapy. 

But you get the idea. I am really looking forward to shaking up my usual parenting routine -- which currently is all mommy all the time -- and seeing what happens. My sweet girl starts pre-school this year and kindergarten is around the corner so I am in the unique position of figuring out what might be next for me. I am fortunate enough to have the option of working  or not and while I am leaning towards NOT working, at least in a formal sense so I can be fully available when my girl needs me, I do want to create something of value. I want my words and deeds to make a difference. A difference to you, a difference to my family, a difference to me and a difference for the world.

And I'm really curious if I can figure it all out in one day. 

Check back next week for my conclusions 
when I share my Bloggy Boot Camp experience! 
And if you are going too, please join my SF Bloggy Boot Camp Hop -- 
it is a great place to meet your fellow attendees!

Next Post: Wordless Wednesday

My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,Compassion, 
Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility

This week is all about Curiosity. Next week 's topic is Love.
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