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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Indestructible Wonder

Topic of the week
To think or speculate curiously. 
The ability to see the miraculous and remarkable in everything.

Wonder week is already over!! Oh how can that be?! Sometimes I wish I had an infinite amount of time for each of my virtues. Well, I guess in reality I do. The trick being to live every moment in appreciation and fully experiencing the virtue.  A difficult yet worthy task eh? 

We had some lovely moments of wonder over at our house this week. 

After thinking about the ocean, because of Friday's post, I thought I would introduce Sweets to my favorite sea creature. The leafy dragon has mesmerized me for decades and even though we have seen them together at an aquarium, this BBC YouTube video entertained us for more then an hour.

Sweet's asked so many cute questions. "Can they fly too? Some dragons can fly mommy." We  own and had previously read (about 200 times!)  Eric Carle's Mister Seahorse book so she already rightly identified the egg toting dragon as the "Daddy dragon". If you don't want to watch the entire video above I think it is worth a peak at the end to see the "itty bitty baby dragons (which) are so cute!"

The girl also befriended some snails in the backyard, much to their likely annoyance although they never gave on that they were even slightly inconvenienced. They were so darling to watch I have to admit my wonder and amazement at how fast they actually move and how expressive they seemed with their little antena may have surpassed The Girl's.  An entire after noon was spent building and watching the sweet things in a snail playground of leaves and twigs housed in a small pink bin. We finally let them all go under a bush in the front yard, since it was less sunny then the backyard by the time we were granting their freedom. (Note this photo is from google images... almost as cute as ours, sorry my personal camera issues are still not resolved!)
It isWhimsy week over at Everyday Bliss and as part of that we have been embracing all things Fairy and have been busy crafting our own "fairy doors."  We are also creating a little fairy shelf in our living room and doing our best to encourage the little folk want to visit us regularly. The girl has been happily dusting her head with glitter (which so far, following a bath and two showers still refuses to be shed from her scalp) and blowing the real dust in my not so perfectly kept house into the afternoon sunlight in the hope of taking flight.

Yes wonder is definitely alive and well over here.
If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life.
- Rachel Carson
Have you had a wondrous week too?

Next Post -  Listening week gets started!

My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,Compassion, 
Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility

This week is all about Wonder. Next week 's topic is Listening.
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