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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finally! The answers to the universe's biggest questions are revealed!

The All Knowing One!

A few weeks ago my almost four year old started declaring "I know everything." I thought this was pretty fun. So some of my friends and I decided it would be interesting to quiz her. Here are her surprisingly intuitive answers:

How does electricity work? "It goes through your brain and makes blood for your body."

How does the sky turn blue when it has been black all night? "The sun comes up and makes it blue."

What exactly goes on in heaven? "Fish" (I asked for further clarification but she keeps saying "fish!")

What is the meaning of Life? "So you can know even more stuff." (I'm wondering if that is in addition to the Everything she already knows.)

I tried to slip in the heaven question again, for perhaps a new take, and got "I already told you! Fish!" lol

When snow melts, where does the white go? When the snow melts the white goes "to the earth."

What is the key to happiness? "The key to happiness is to unlock the door."

What is the meaning of life? "So we can love each other." (Love this one!)

What are people made of? "Lots of things. Little persons come from the heart. Big people have blood and bones and stuff."

What's the best food to eat if I want to be skinny? "Skinny food, like long noodles."

What flavor is the Moon? What came first the chicken or the egg? The moon is "chip flavor" and "The Egg" came first.

Hmmmm... ask her why snow is white and why Noelle is crazy? "Snow is white because it is berry(very) cold." Noelle is crazy because "she likes it."

The key to world peace? "A mountain." I asked why and she said "It is very tiny at the top."

In response to what happens when we die? "I can't tell you." and "When we die, I want to hold hands."

Will I ever be able to fly? "Never" and when I told her that might make you sad she said "Well, if she gets a wing suit she could!"

Where do babies come from? Her reply "Tummies!, I popped out of your tummy". I then asked, How did you get in there? "An egg I think. But I don't know what it looked like." --- good enough for me at this juncture!

Later she told Daddy, "Mommy knows lots of stuff but she doesn't know everything like me." She then mused, "Do you think she'll learn?" Daddy said he wasn't sure. Sweets decided, "I do (think she'll learn) but not today."

Oh, I do hope so!

How about you? Do you think you'll learn and/or do you have questions for the all knowing girl?


  1. She is AWESOME! :)

  2. Brilliant.
    How lovely to have recorded it as well, something you can treasure.

  3. She is my favorite. Just say'n. My absolutely favorite. That child is nothing but Joy in a skin package!

  4. So glad you enjoyed it ! And thank you so much for stopping by!


  5. These are so cute. I just love her answer about the key to happiness. And if you really notice, she does use logic in many of her answers......skinny noodles. Just think some day you'll know as much as her.

  6. It's fun to see how little kids think. I enjoyed your interview with the all-knowing 4-yr-old. Stopping by from Saturday Samplings.

  7. There's a lot of wisdom coming from such a tiny person. My child is four and a half. He is such a precious gift and sometimes he says things that are very wise. How lucky we both are! I treasure it, knowing that someday he will be a teenager and will really think he does know everything!


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