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I became a first time mom at the age of 43 so this blog is written from *gasp* an older mom's perspective.

I love being a mom to the funniest little girl on the planet (check out the scroll over to the right ---> for some of her gems!) and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures together!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Blog Logistics!

Since starting my Everyday Bliss Blog I have been in the habit of posting 5-7 times a week over there and it is not my intention to stop that at all. Until September, when my "year of bliss" comes to an end I will continue to keep up the same pace over at Everyday Bliss which will obviously mean I will post a little less frequently over here. Initially I plan on posting 3-4 times a week and then in September I will evaluate if I want to ease up over on Everyday Bliss or possibly keep the the same schedule. I will be doing something special to mark my One Year Blogversary and will likely figure it all out at that time.

My intention is for both blogs to be stand alone but for those of you interested in more of my family stories the New Everyday Mommy will definitely have a lot of that! I plan on participating in a wordless Wednesday meme over here in which I'll share some of my favorite photos of my girl. Over here, I will be doing a weekly feature I'm calling Then ad Now in which I compare a specific parenting issue and talk about what it was like "then" and what I am going to do about it "now" ... we'll see how it goes, I hope it will be fun. I have a funny potty training one to kick the series off which I will be posting next week.

I will start working with my Parenting Virtues next week when I ponder the virtue of Acceptance. Until then please expect one more post this week, in which I will give you the definitions I will be using as I consider my parenting virtues. As always I welcome input so if you have something to offer I would love to hear it!

Next Post: To Meme or not to Meme

My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,
Compassion, Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility


  1. I just LOVE the parenting virtues! My favs are humility and flexibility! Wonder is a very close third! Visiting from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party

  2. Thank you so much for the visit!! Humility seems to always make the cut! I borrowed it from Ben Franklin's Virtue list!


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