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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fragment Friday -- Straight up!

Flexibility- The ability to adapt and generate creative options rather than to obsess, worry and control.

Mommy's Idea

It is Friday so it is time for some Friday Fragments! What a great way to get all the clutter out of my head! Brought to us by Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time - do stop on over to check out some other fun fragmenty stuff!

I am not in the blog hopping mood today! This, of course, does not include my fellow fragmenty friends. I just wasn't up for the frenetic jumping all over the place that the regular Friday hops entail. I just want to slow things down a bit... you know, actually read and enjoy what I happen to discover today! This means if you catch me hanging out at your place you might want to offer me a drink or a snack because I intend on staying a while!

Yesterday, I participated in a parenting teleseminar put on by Blogggy Moms and Positive Parenting Solutions. I was very excited to participate although NOT primarily for the content, which I did find interesting. It was more about feeling professional! You see, in my pre-mommy life I participated in, hosted and produced all sorts of teleseminars and I hadn't done so in more then 3 years... It was a total blast for me on the, hey I remember this technology basis. I think I just might have to take some more on-line courses and/or come up with something I can offer so I can get in the game again. It was really fun.

Regarding the seminar itself. I learned that I really haven't been structuring effective consequences for my girls undesired behaviors. I had actually been doing many of the things that the presenter suggested but I fell short in having my consequences relate more concretely to the actual offense. For example when she wouldn't sit at the table for dinner I would ask her to stay in her room (be at the table or go to your room were her choices) but if she got hungry later I would still let her eat. A better designed consequence would be to have her eat when food is served and if she doesn't then she doesn't get to graze indefinitely. (the food will only be here now, if you leave you don't get more food later is new choice)
She might be hungry one night but she would learn her choice to leave the dinner table was the cause. 

Over on Everyday Bliss I did something surprising! Ha! it is surprise week over there so perhaps not really. Anyway, I participated in a thing called Flip Off Friday... what a blast! Totally cathartic. Come on by if you want to see who/what had my ire today!

Big news! The lovely Mrs. 4444 was the winner of my gratitude giveaway! Now if I can ever get my tush to the post office she might actually get to sport her new finery before Christmas. Really, I see the probability of it happening reaching 75% on Monday. Good Luck!

Yesterday I invited everyone to jump in on my 8 surprising things about me game -- if you have done this sort of thing before you could just link up your old posts! I think it would be really fun to get to know you better so please do consider jumping on in! I plan on featuring all the participants in future linky love features both here and on Everyday Bliss so in addition to touting your own horn you will promote your blog a bit too! I do hope you will join us here

Gosh I know I had something else to tell you but I just can't figure out what scrap of paper I scribbled that reminder on! Don't you hate that! 

Well I'm off to take a peek at my fellow fragmenty friends contributions for the week! Have a nice weekend and if you are not too busy I invite you back here tomorrow for THEN and NOW... heck if you really aren't too busy why not consider jumping in!

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My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,
Compassion, Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility

This week is all about Flexibility


  1. The teleseminar sounds really cool. Heading over now to read about the "flip off"...

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Thank heavens I'm almost done parenting -that way, if I sucked at it, it's too late to redo now. Phew! Parenting requires way too much thinking! ;)
    I love that you write your blog ideas on scraps of paper AND lose them! Me too!
    Happy Weekend!


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