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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fragments - Rant and Shameless Self Promotion Included

Topic of the week
The ability to follow direction and the courage to do what is right.

Mommy's Idea

It's Friday so you know what that means. Time for our weekly installment of fragmenty goodness. Brought to us by Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time. (She just posted her 1000th post so you should stop by and congratulate her, which I actually never did -- so there you go, here is my first fragment! Happy 1000th Mrs. 4444! That is truly awesome particularly since your posts are so enjoyable!) It is the time of the week where I can empty my poor addled brain of all those tiny tidbits of information I'm certain you need/want to know. OK, maybe not, but nevertheless I find it oddly therapeutic. I'm adding the linky at the bottom of this post so do hop on over and visit some other Friday Fragmenters.


I wonder if it is my decision to focus on discipline or if my daughter has been reading my blog and is messing with me because this has been a particularly difficult week on the discipline front. (She can only spell her name and the word milk so that second idea may be ill conceived) The time out game has become just that, "a game." If/when I start counting The Girl never responds until I reach 2 and am heading to 3.  I really am wondering if she thinks up things just to test me. For example she has regularly jumped up on the coffee table in the family room and then jumped to the couch, which she is not supposed to do so now instead of doing that she is trying the same trick in the living room. It is as if she has to test the letter of ever little law. Climbing on the counter with the assistance of a chair is not allowed but what if I use the drawers like a ladder?...

I'm so thankful that Mrs. 4444 and Liz of Eternal Lizdom added some great resources to my Discipline Linky (which is in my sidebar) because I clearly need them! If you also have a good post about discipline I would be so happy if you added it to the collection. This resource linky will become part of a permanent Library over here (Look for a Library page coming in the near future!) so this is an excellent way to re-purpose some of your old favorite posts. Next week's parenting topic is CREATIVITY so please get ready with your creative contributions.


This brings me to my RANT of the week. If you are participating in people's memes, linkys, whatever could you please follow the directions?!! I know I have a bunch of "Linky stuff" going on over here but this doesn't mean you should just go ahead and link up any old thing all over the place. Today, at the bottom of this post I will include the Friday Fragment Linky, please DO link up if you are playing along but if you are just part of some other blog hop then don't.  The Wordless Wednesday folks are the biggest offenders... I had Wordless Wednesday links all over the place and only about 50% of the folks who linked up in my actual WW Linky followed my directions to leave a CAPTION for my photo before linking up. 

Just to be clear, if your link doesn't follow my directions I will be deleting you and most of the time I won't be telling you. 


I just went over to Half-Past Kissin' Time to grab my Friday Fragment button and found out that I or should I say The Girl is the Fragmenter of the week! Woo hoo!! I/she have never been bestowed with this honor!

My Favorite Fragmenter this week was Everyday Kathy, who heard this from her 3-year-old daughter:

"Mom, I have an idea. Don't watch me and it won't be too dangerous." 

(Let's hope those weren't "famous last words.")  Here you go, Kathy!


Yeah, The Girl comes up with some classics! This week we had some fun with:

 "Help Mommy my clock is running out of time!"  It turned out her little clock had stopped!

I KNOW it is a pretend birthday but we can still have real cake!"  This was said as if I was stupid enough to think that she did not know the celebration she was hosting was not anyone's real birthday. This is a corollary to last week's  "Mommy am I four now? I've been three a very long time by now." and is part of this week's exciting THEN and NOW tale (which will be posted tomorrow.)

Upon being asked to stay out of Dad's office, "
Am I being invited out of here?" I think the truth is closer to never being invited in there... but let's not quibble over details!


BWS tips button

I'm doing my VERY FIRST guest post this week over at The Scoop on Poop! The Drama Mama herself did her very first guest blog over at my other blog on the topic of Moxie so it is absolutely fitting that I pop my cherry over at her place. She winds up her guest blogger posts with a little "one question" survey on Friday's before the guest blog appears. My question was:

"What's the one thing you hated your mom doing and promised yourself you wouldn't do as a mom yourself yet find yourself doing anyway?"

Go here to see my response and check back tomorrow to see how my guest post with the prompt "love and fixation" turns out--- that should net some interesting results! (Yes, true to my cram before an assignment is due old student habit I haven't started yet... let's hope that doesn't bode ill for the outcome -- I almost never write my posts ahead of time... perhaps I should consider it?!! -- Now I'm getting into another fragment!)


Parenting Coup of the week! Last week I shared how I get "positively glazed over" at the prospect of playing another round of Candyland with my daughter. This week I introduced her to the idea of playing with her imaginary friends and who could have guessed it would be such a success. She, Minnie (a stuffed friend who is at the top of her like pile this week) and Lillian (a real friend who played in absentia with "Lillian hand" my girl's right hand -- she used her left when playing for herself) played for a full half hour and even went on to build a "towder" together. 

I resumed my bon bon eating posture on the couch.


Alrighty. I need to wrap this thing up. There is park playdate calling and I still have to get to work on that guest post. Have a great weekend everyone!

Here is the Linky... remember to follow the rules! Only link up if you are playing Friday Fragments!

Next Post: THEN and NOW returns with CAKE!

My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,Compassion, 
Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility

This week is all about Discipline. Next week 's topic is Creativity.


  1. I'm not surprised at all that The Girl has gotten the friday fragment thing. She truly speaks some great isms there. I love reading your scroll with her words of wisdom.

    Thanks for popping your cherry at my place today! I hope this leads to many more invitations for you!! Have a great weekend!

  2. doreen mcgettiganJuly 16, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Your girl is a cutie and very wise! I never get tired of the great things kids say..like my 8 year old grand son Dominic who just 2 days ago had a 50 pound pole go through his leg: in the ambulance..are they going to cut my leg off? In the hospital after a dose of morphine..I hate this take it out of my head(don't think he will like drugs)..upon finding out he had to stay over..Mommy you can stay right? and a few minutes later..Do you think they feed you good snacks here? Miraculously he did very well was very lucky and is home now resting (sort of) comfortably..

  3. Hey there, i just stopped by to tell you that i have an award for you waiting at my blog... so please come and grab it will ya:)



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