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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Fragments - With a bit of Bliss

Topic of the Week
Ability to be with people, situations and things without the need 
to force, change or alter them.

Mommy's Idea

It's Friday so you know what that means. Time for our weekly installment of fragmenty goodness. Brought to us by Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time. Do stop by and visit all the other fragmenty goodness!


OK. I've been VERY MIA over here on this blog! Except for a few Wordless Wednesday Posts I haven't been posting much of anything. The last couple of weeks of the summer were crazy busy but I am here to say I'm back!! As you will learn in my next fragment, I should be giving this blog a lot more attention, at least for the short term since my other blog is all messed up The Everyday Mommy will be my primary blogging home. Did you notice I added a THE to the name of the blog? Well, I finally decided to purchase my domain names and "EverydayMommy.com" was already taken so I went ahead and added THE. I think it makes me sound more important then I really am but what the heck, in my girl's eyes I am THE mommy after all!


I am sad to report that I have had to stop posting over on my Everyday Bliss Blog. Someone has hijacked my feed and is sending out spam to my readers. I am finding it particularly annoying since I am just three weeks from celebrating my one year anniversary of my Everyday Bliss project. The blog itself is still available and the archives are accessible but I have had to shut the feed down. Being a half full sort of gal, I've decided it is the universe's way of telling me that I should and can explore all sorts of new options and I have, just today, decided I will be relaunching the Everyday Bliss Blog with some design changes AND a new address. I've promised my Everyday Bliss followers that I would update about the progress of things over here on Fridays, as part of my usual Friday Fragment update. I hope you, The Everyday Mommy readers, don't mind a little cross talk until I get Everyday Bliss back up and going. Check back next week for the latest.


Looks like Acceptance was a good virtue to be concentrating on eh? 
Acceptance is not a state of passivity or inaction. I am not saying you can't change the world, right wrongs, or replace evil with good. Acceptance is, in fact, the first step to successful action. If you don't fully accept a situation precisely the way it is, you will have difficulty changing it. Moreover, if you don't fully accept the situation, you will never really know if the situation should be changed.   
Peter McWilliams, Life 101 


I could easily spend the entire post ranting on about my blogging woes but have no fear I have other rants for the airing!

Have you seen this scary headline: Reusable Bags May be Hazardous to Your Health?  As you may have guessed by my previous post "Everyone Knows Plastic Kills" post I'm pretty adamant about carrying reusable shopping bags. That headline played out all over the web and on television news shows highlighted that bacteria was festering inside most reusable totes and IMMEDIATELY the plastic lobby pounced on this to tout the virtuousness of the plastic alternative.  This totally pisses me off.  The bacteria forming in reusable bags is a result of people neglecting to WASH the bags. If without washing between visits, I wore the same pair of pants for 10 trips to the grocery store, bacteria would form on my pants too! Does this mean we should all start wearing disposable clothing to combat the scary bacteria problem? Given the plastic industries great concern for our health I expect a new line of single wear clothing out soon. Until then I will be washing my pants. How about you?


I shared this on my Facebook Page Earlier this week. I think ALL parents should watch it! Less then two minutes long.


It has been a couple of weeks since I shared some of the great stuff the girl has said. Here are a few of the latest gems:

When I dropped Sweets off at school she asked, "Do I sleep here now or are you coming to get me?"  When I posted this on my facebook page several friends were concerned she was feeling abandoned but I assure you this was not the case. It was asked very matter-of-factly and when I told her no, I would be picking her back up she seemed kind of disappointed.  On another occasion she has also said, "I want to live at the school. It can be my new house and you can visit me." I'll not worry about abandonment issues at this juncture! 

"Mom, let's do something together!" Line deployed when I was on the computer too long. We made Shrek puppets (Green paper and some scribbles mostly) and had a puppet show for her stuffed animal friends. They loved it.

‎"Mommy hold me I am scared. You aren't scared because you are the mommy. Only kids are scared." (If only that were really so!!)  The truth of the matter was she also wasn't really scared when she said this. She was "playing monsters" to avoid doing what I asked her to do. It worked.

"When you went to the baby store why did you pick me to be your baby? I wanted to be your sister."

And my all time favorite:

I told Sweets I was getting Daddy flowers because we were celebrating Romance week... she said, "You should get Daddy Cheetos because he REALLY likes those!"  The girl really is brilliant don't you think?!

Next post: Something Empowering!

My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity, Compassion, 
Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility

This week is all about Acceptance. Next week 's topic is Empowerment.


  1. HA! I love the baby store one! And...in my opinion you are QUITE deserving of the THE title! :-)

  2. I am sorry about the hijack! That is so awful.

    I don't usually watch videos. I did watch the one you've posted and will be sharing it too. It is quite powerful for parents of younger kids. Personally, I have the opposite problem now, as mom to a teen. I need him to stop texting to share some time with me for a minute or two sometimes!

  3. One of my blogs got hijacked, but I managed to get it back. I hope you can get some help for that blog or get it moved without any troubles.

    I dont' have children, but I can see how that can be a problem with parents and phones. It's a problem with me when I talk to people in person and they ignore me to text or talk. About the bags - no kidding - It's called washing!

    Kristin - The Goat
    via FF

  4. LOVED the Sweets fragments--They're getting shared in my fragments this week. She is such a cutie.

    Your experience was the boot in the butt I needed to back up my blog. Done.

    That Dateline snippet was priceless.

    Love my cloth bags; I will never go plastic again.


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