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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Fragments - With a bunch of Bliss

Mommy's Idea

I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote a Friday Fragments post! Glad to be back sharing the fragmenty goodness. Brought to us by Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time. Do stop by and visit!


I slowed down on the Friday Fragment posts generally as soon as The Girl started her preschool program. It is a parent participation program and Friday mornings are my day to help out... sure I could have written my post BEFORE a Friday but somehow that never happened! My daughter is out sick today, finally on the upswing of a bad cold, so I am here to do this. A lot has happened.... let's get started!

First of all I disappeared cyber-ly when my family took a 10 day computer-less vacation in Hawaii. I used to announce my vacations on my blog and write about how excited I was to be packing etc. but then my security conscious Sweetie mused about whether or not this was a good idea. The whole broadcasting that we are out of the house and everything. I'm still not that paranoid myself (perhaps because I might be grateful if some of this stuff disappeared!) but I honored my Sweetie's request to keep it quiet. It kind of felt like I was sneaking out of town by not saying anything.

How about you? How do you handle "broadcasting" or not your vacation plans?


Now about the trip... it was totally fabulous! I got to read an actual book, drink mai tais, walk in the sand and watch my girl go from barely being able to put her face in the water to swimming under water on her own. It was marvelous. Here are a couple of pics.

Check out that picture of My Sweetie and I alone!! We actually hired a sitter and returned to the restaurant where we celebrated on our honeymoon! It was really fun. Last year we were in Hawaii for our Anniversary and we returned to this restaurant too but we also had The Girl with us... NOT the same experience LOL.


Speaking of Anniversaries... this year ours came after the Hawaii trip but because we generally think of our dinner at Capishe as our "Anniversary Dinner" no matter what actual date it happens, I wasn't really expecting much on our "real" day. Foolish, foolish Kathy! Once again my Sweetie out did himself! 

We woke up and he told me he had a surprise and we should all be ready to go out for brunch by 10:00. Now we almost never leave the house on weekends BEFORE noon so this was already different. When we stopped at McDonalds!!! (We never eat there.) I should have guessed something was up. Well, I KNEW something was up I just didn't know what. After we ate, quickly because hubby was telling us to hurry, we piled back into the car and I was delivered to a SPA!!! I had an entire afternoon of pampering all by myself!! It was so nice, Then to top the whole thing off when I arrived home these were in my living room!

Four dozen SUPER long stem roses! I have never seen such long roses! They are as tall as our girl!! Incredible. Yep, I really do have the best Sweetie on the planet.


I am really excited about how things are going over on the Bliss blog. The new design is coming out so great. (Go take a sneak peak over here.) For those of you not familiar with that blog, in it I explore what I call the 13 Virtues of Bliss. On the new site each of the virtues will have their own home page devoted to resources for developing the habit of that particular virtue. Each week I concentrate on one of the virtues, play games and invite my readers to play along. On the new site I plan to showcase art that speaks to my virtues and I will also be featuring guest bloggers who have something to say on the topic... I think it will be a lot of fun and hopefully very inspirational for me as well as you!

By the way, if you think YOU have something to share -- art, a point of view... that would contribute to any of the virtues please do let me know!  I will be launching the new blog in late January or early February. If you want to be notified please let me know in a comment here or over there!


OK now let's get to the good stuff!

Here is some of the STUFF THE GIRL SAYS (or is that has said) since last time!

"I love you mommy. You are the best mommy I never had!"

On being sick. "Will I never get better?" and "Help! I need a hanky." and "My nose just keeps running and running ALL day."

"Pick the one you want. -- No NOT that one!"

I was handed a stuffed kitty. "I thought you would like her because she is getting older like you!"

"This shark is my FAVORITE guy" I thought Minnie was your favorite? "Oh mommy, you can have LOTS of favorites!"

"I had a dream about a lady bug. I was outside and he landed on me. Then he waved at me with one of his itty bitty feet and said goodbye. Then he flew away to see his other friends. That lady bug knows everybody just like me!"

The girl's introduction to all her new friends (and EVERYONE was a new friend!) at the pool, "Hi my name is Jessie. I am three. I can run very fast." Demonstration of running follows.

"Did you visit Hawaii even before I was a person?" Yes we did. "You guys go to Hawaii a lot!"

"Why don't we live in Hawaii?" The final pronouncement on the trip.

"Daddy could you try to sleep like a girl?" (no snoring LOL)

"Can I have a dark light" What's a dark light? "It makes dark not light. I need one when the sun is too bright."

"I wanted to be good today"

"Maybe next time we can be birds mommy. They can fly high and I would like to touch the sky. Even baby birds fly a little. I can't fly yet at all."

On the way out the door. "Daddy I am leaving you my red scissors and my pink ones, if you need to cut something. Maybe you can cut something for me. Will you need the glitter glue?"

"I want a three head not a four-head."

And my all time favorite of the bunch:

"Hey mom, does this look tricky or dangerous?"

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