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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today is the day! Christmas spirit rising with the full moon!

Did you get to check out the lunar eclipse today? I did not. The weather has been so bad I didn't even think it was worth trying and as it turned out things cleared up for a little while so I could have caught it! In case you missed it, like me, here is a thirty three second recap.!


For those of you following my sad little Christmas tale... we still do not have a tree and we haven't hung a light!  Refer to this post for all my fine excuses, but today is the day! I'm getting my sorry tush in gear and we are making this place shine,  I've hired a sitter for tomorrow so I will actually be able to get my shopping done. Depending on how well things go today I'm even willing to hire help to get the floors clean. This is crazy time! And, truth be told, I love it.

Sure I dream of idyllic Norman Rockwell moments where I casually write Christmas cards while sipping cocoa by the fire but I'm just not that gal! There was a Christmas in the past when I put up five, yes 5, trees in my home all with different themes (The under water tree with blue and green lights and fish ornaments was my favorite that year) but that was one over achieving over compensating burst the Christmas after a break up. I was "going ahead" with my annual party without my ex and it had to be better then ever!

Perhaps that is exactly the lesson here. I no longer have to prove anything. I have a family who loves me and will attend my party no matter what! I could honestly skip everything and it would be ok. Of course because I love them so much I would never do that. I want my daughter to have holiday traditions and I want things to look nice but the greatest gift is being together. Even if the dust bunnies stay under the beds, the Christmas Music will be playing and we will be singing.

Heck, I can hear all the Whos down in Whoville now!

Fah who for-aze! Fah who for-aze! 
Dah who dor-aze! Dah who dor-aze! 
Welcome Christmas, Welcome Christmas, 
Come this way! Come this way! 

Yes, "Come this way" and every way!

Wishing you and yours a most joyful holiday season.
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