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Monday, January 31, 2011

Let the magic begin!

Funny how a few days off can stretch into weeks and a forced hiatus from my bliss blog can induce pure slacker tendencies. I've missed you! and a few of you have come looking for me so it is nice that you have missed me as well. So I'm back.

My little hiatus has taught me one thing. Not that this is a new revelation, I already knew this, but the big AH HA for me is that you really do get what you focus on. Last year, when I was conducting my Everyday Bliss experiment and focusing each week on each of 13 virtues of Bliss I really enjoyed a lot more bliss. I'm planning on kicking off the experiment again in a few weeks ("Like" the new Bliss Habits facebook page to stay informed of  my progress) but during this interim I've spent a lot of time concentrating on the things that are not working.

You know, things like my failed exercise regimen, my complete inability to keep my house clean and the fifty or so annoyances associated with learning a new blogging platform and getting my online stuff in order so I can blog "seriously" or what ever all that means. Pretty much all Bliss sucking thoughts. Not having romance week on the calendar has hurt me in that department too. My Sweetie and I both pulled out the stops for prior passion and romance weeks but this six month hiatus has left us with nary a date night. Yeesh!

Yep you get what you concentrate on. So effective immediately I will be concentrating on the magic that surrounds me. First and foremost I am declaring this week Romance week in my house! Valentines day is coming early over here! I am also going to listen to all the sage advice flowing from my girl's lips. Recently she has declared "I know everything!" so I've been testing her...

What is the meaning of life? "So we can love each other."

What are people made of? "Lots of things. Little persons come from the heart. Big people have blood and bones and stuff."

How does the sky turn blue when it has been black all night? "The sun comes up and makes it blue."

How does electricity work? "It goes through your brain and makes blood for your body."

What is the meaning of Life? "So you can know even more stuff."

When snow melts, where does the white go? "To the earth."

What is the key to happiness? "To unlock the door."

She isn't even four yet and I think she knows a lot more about Bliss then her mother!

I'm also going to create some magic and participate in this year's One World One Heart blogfest. For those of you who haven't heard of this click here or on the little box below to learn all about it, and come back tomorrow when I jump in with a mother/daughter art project and prize!

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  1. Your daughter is ADORABLE! You should author a book with all her witticisms. She really makes sense and we can all learn something from her! :) Theresa


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