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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Before I'm 50 and the shock of mortality

One of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Cotterill recently updated her Before I'm 30 list and I found myself smacked upside the head with my own mortality. I've been following Rachel's progress on her list for a while now. I have been moved  by her on going commitment and willingness to share her progress but suddenly this time around I am inspired to create my own list.

[On a side note, today is Rachel's birthday so if you were to stop by her website and say hello I'm sure she would be tickled! You can check out the book she has written while there too!]

When I thought about making my own list  I also realized I would not be able to start a before I'm 30 list as she had. 40 was out and fifty is nary three years away!


Five Zero.

Half a century! and if I am to be brutally honest ALREADY more then half way on my trip here on planet earth.

Maybe I should try before I am sixty.  After all, as Anthony Robbins said in a seminar I attended, "Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year - and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!"

60 certainly gives me some more time. Unfortunately thinking of a number that high makes me think of the "Bucket List," immortalized by Rob Reiner's film  and although brilliant, the whole thought of it makes me feel old.  I realize I have no choice but to march in that direction but I need a different younger feeling quest.

So, before 50 it will be!

This gives me 27 months to accomplish what ever it is I choose to do. Long enough to make some big goals possible yet short enough to disallow lallygagging. Hmmm that sounds about right. I am easily distracted but can concentrate brilliantly in short bursts. I am not feeling quite as ambitious as my friend Rachel, who came up with 25 goals, I am instead picking 10 goals.

Professional Goals
Have 10,000 followers for the new Bliss Habits blog
Create a monthly income stream from my online endeavors ($2,000/month by 12//11)
Launch  The Practical Revolutionary site (to happen after Bliss Habits reaches 10,000 followers)
To write a minimum of three great blog posts per week (Great is measured by my personal satisfaction and reader response.)

Philanthropic Goals
To donate 20% of my online business profits to Charities ($5,000 in 2011,)
To create giving challenges on my blogs that encourage others to do the same.

Personal Goals
To make daily exercise a family habit
To be fully present when buying food and planning menus.
Simplify  -- wardrobe overhaul, hair cut,  free-cycling unwanted/unneeded household items
Live my Bliss Habits  (Have my family and friends benefit fully!)

I'm realizing that my personal goals require a little "flushing out" so I may in fact end up with a few more specific goals. I've added a page to this site where I will update and make adjustments to the list. Stop by regularly and see how I am doing!

Clearly this post and my list are a work in progress, but the take away I hope to leave you all with is, that it is down right exhilarating to make such a list. As a mostly stay at home mom it has been very easy for me to while away my days without any clear direction. Spending time with my daughter was an end unto itself but it has also given me an excuse for ignoring many of my own goals and wishes.

Is it time for you to make your own list?


Many thanks again to Rachel for inspiring me.

To check out her list go here.

To read an excerpt from her book

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