I started this blog as a place to put the "mommy stuff" that just doesn't fit over on my other blog.

I became a first time mom at the age of 43 so this blog is written from *gasp* an older mom's perspective.

I love being a mom to the funniest little girl on the planet (check out the scroll over to the right ---> for some of her gems!) and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures together!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Speaking of Joy!

"Speaking of Joy" by marielliot

Wow! Does this photo speak joy or what?! I totally love it and I'm inspired by it! So much in fact it is the image I selected for my Bliss Habits launch next week! 

Yes, the often mentioned blog is finally coming! Which means a couple of things. 

First and foremost, you are all invited to my big launch party over on the new blog. You are welcome to stop by sooner and starting next Monday we will be having a big joy fest over there. I sent an invite out on Facebook and seemed to cause much  confusion among my friends who did not understand this is a virtual party so one can stop by as much or as often as one likes! 

There in addition to some regular posts, I will be conducting games, quizzes and other fun to boost interest in the blog. There will be prizes for those who choose to participate (Things like ETSY gift certificates, art cards of marielliot's photo and pledges to a charity in your name -- Heifer.org, Water.org and Japan Relief -- all will be outlined on the blog on Monday) Generally the hope is that it is fun and gets some buzz going. I would be honored if you joined the fun!

The launch of this blog may also cause a bit of a writing slump over here, or maybe not. You know how when someone gets more productive they start handling a lot more? So who knows  you might actually see a big upsurge over here as well! :) 

In any case I have decided that I am going to go back to my weekly topic (My 13 parenting virtues) over on this blog too. They compliment so nicely with what I am doing over on Bliss Habits and I've been missing it. Monday we will start with FUN to coincide with Bliss Habit's JOY week. 

I hope that you will be inspired to have some FUN with us!

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some recent things the girl has said:

‎"Bye Daddy... WAIT!! Don't go, I need to hug and kiss you first."

What do you want to play today? "I don't know. There are so many great things I have."

‎"We need three lemons, sugar and flour for this recipe." What are you making? "I don't know, maybe it will taste like rice."

I can help you in 10 minutes. "Ten Minutes! That is a LONG time for a kid!"

‎"I hugged you super tight today so you won't forget I love you."

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