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Friday, July 2, 2010

Over 40 Fragments!

HIATUS - a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Hi all! That isn't over 40 fragments in total! Come on, how crazy do you think I am? Don't answer that! I suppose having a three year old at 47 could make me certifiable but my title is in reference to finding an "over 40 bloggers" group so I decided to play along with them this fine Friday and make this my first "Fragment." I realize I am a bit "slow" about finding them but I am delighted it finally happened. Many thanks to my new bloggy friend Aging Mommy (She has a three year old and is 46 folks! So it looks like a couple of us are certifiable!!) for  having the little button on her blog for me to find!

For you new visitors to my blog I wish you a hearty welcome! Stick around if you want to hear how an old gal like myself is navigating the mommy waters. My girl is hilarious (you can always read the scroll -top right hand side of blog- of things she says if you get bored with what I am saying over here.)  If you aren't interested in Mommy stuff then you might like it over at my other blog,  Everyday Bliss.  I'm still "over 40" over there too but with less mommy drama!


OK then now let's get to what Fridays are all about over here.
It is time for some Friday Fragments! What a great way to get all the clutter out of my head! Brought to us by Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time - do stop on over to check out some other fun fragmenty stuff

Mommy's Idea

Some of you may remember this fragment from last week:
Big news! The lovely Mrs. 4444 was the winner of my gratitude giveaway! Now if I can ever get my tush to the post office she might actually get to sport her new finery before Christmas. Really, I see the probability of it happening reaching 75% on Monday. Good Luck!

Well, it turns out that probability was more like 0%! On Monday I went out to my car, package in hand for post office stop on the way to the park, and my car did not start. I have been having some Girl induced battery trouble with my car so I didn't think much of it but as it turned out no amount of jumping was going to get that thing started because it is the starter that is actually broken. Anyway, I am hopeful the car will be returned with full functionality later today and at some point in the next month Mrs. 4444's package will be on its way to her.

Wow!! What a fabulous response to my little interview of Sweets yesterday!  The comments are still coming in this morning! Looks like I should turn the blog over to her a little more often.  She is a source of constant amusement.


How about a potty update?! When I left you all less then a month ago, I was totally annoyed with The Girl's on again off again potty behavior and now she is full time in panties without "accidents " deliberate or otherwise. She is even sleeping in her underwear and getting up if she has to pee.  I think my ranting and release of my angst, and all the great advice that was offered got me to a place where I could just BE WITH whatever Sweets wanted to throw at me.  

The odd ball turning point for us was when I said to her after she deliberately peed on the family room floor, "Sweets (italics indicate use of her real name) uses the potty so this must mean you are Fred not Sweets." I was totally joking around just trying not to get serious about the whole thing, since that obviously wasn't working, but Sweets took it seriously! She cried, "I don't want to be Fred, I'm Sweets!" Then I just went with it and said "Sweets uses the potty, Fred doesn't. If you want to be Sweets please use the potty."  For a few days if she peed on the floor I would hand her a pull up and say "Put this on Fred" and then tell her she needed to go the rest of the day without an accident before I would let her put her underwear on again. After a couple of on and off days, Sweets announced one morning, "I am wearing undies all day today, I'm not a Fred!"  and so far, 4 days and nights, Fred has NOT returned.

I fully expect some huge therapy bills to reverse the multiple personality disorder I have fostered but I think it was worth it not to have pee and poo all over the house!


Heard in my backyard yesterday, "Oh wow, I can see houses and stuff from up here!" Yep my three year old has learned how to climb the tree in our backyard. I was a huge tree climber when I was a kid, frightening all the neighborhood parents who hoped I wouldn't transfer my skills to their kids, so I must admit being slightly proud of her climbing prowess but I am still very very nervous! We have tentatively agreed, as much as verbal agreements can be binding with a three year old, that she isn't to try climbing said tree unless mommy or daddy are there to spot her, but it really is only a matter of time before she tries climbing it or something else when I am not within a helpful range. Clearly, this parenting of a Ronious (see this post for definition) is not for the faint of heart!


I'm starting to get pretty fed up with blogger. I have been trying to get this darn post to "save" for more then an hour... it keeps telling me there is "a form error". I finally tricked the @#%#!! thing by deleting the whole post, copying it to a document and then re-copying it over here... lost all the formatting but at least I didn't have to re-type everything I just wrote. I swear two thirds of my computer time is spent with dumb technical issues.


Oh, yeah. Fourth of July weekend! Have a great one everyone. We have a bunch of "nothing special" plans but it will be nice having a three day weekend with the Sweetie! We'll be hunting down some fireworks for the Sweets to enjoy and likely be popping some food on the grill.  How about you? 

Here are the other Friday Fragmenters playing along this week. Do stop on by and say hello!

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  1. I think I will offer your advice on on again/off again potty preparedness to my Big Bebe Girl for my Grandbebe Girl Jaiden who is 3 and going through the same issues! We LIKE therapy at our house! I'm 46 with a 10-year-old and 4 grandbebes, so I feel your pain!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  2. LOL about Sweets and Fred!
    Phew! I'm glad I am done with pott training.
    I had one who would insist that he didn't pee in his bead.
    When you pointed out the puddle in the morning, he swore he "sweat" the bed. And because we're a nice family, we still tease him about it today!
    Everyone needs a a reason for therapy!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I found the whole Fred situation quite amusing. I might have to use that one.

    I never had horrid issues with Blogger, but I am happy with my move to WordPress except for the decrease in traffic while my feed issues get fixed. I do wish I would have done it sooner.

  4. Wow-Your footer is very cool!

    I LOVE the Fred thing--funny how those ideas present themselves. I'll bet the look on her face was priceless!

    Have patience with blogger; I'm told wordpress is awful (the learning curve), even when you are tech savvy.

    Ya gotta love the do-nothing weekend plans! Have a great 4th!

  5. Hi,
    Thank-you for visting my blog.
    I am followin you too.
    Have a fun and safe 4th of July.

  6. Thank you for stopping by Lemons to Lemonade, I am now a follower.

    Have a great weekend!


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