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Saturday, July 3, 2010

THEN and NOW - The Review Edition

HIATUS - a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

 Everyday Mommy

Welcome the THEN and NOW Game! Time to dust off all your favorite old stories...This meme is designed to give us a reason to remember and chronicle our favorite tales. Pick a favorite THEN and compare, contrast or just wax philosophically about the differences between THEN and NOW.

If you are playing along, please post the button (above) in your sidebar OR as part of your THEN and NOW post and provide a link back to this post. If you want to add the Linky too just go ahead and grab the code!

Because I am "on hiatus" this week I am going to set this up as a review week of the Then and Now game so far! In this week's Linky I am putting all the then and now contributions to date... ok so it hasn't been that many... but if you haven't had a chance to read them they would be worth a little visit! Next week I'll be back with an all new Then and Now story and I would love it if you joined me!

As a "programing side note" I will be keeping all the THEN and NOW posts live in this Linky at the bottom of my blog... if you join in your post can become a part of the ongoing fun!

Next Post: Jungle Lessons

My 13 Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,
Compassion, Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility.

This week is Hiatus week. Next week we dive into Fun!

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  1. I'm visiting from Lady Bloggers. I love the idea of 13 virtues. I'll be back next week to check out the Fun!


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