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Friday, July 9, 2010

Fragmenty Fun!

FUN- Finding enjoyment and playfulness.

Happy Friday Everyone!

You know what that means, it  is time for some Friday Fragments! What a great way to get all the clutter out of my head! Brought to us by Mrs. 4444 over at Half-Past Kissin' Time - do stop on over to check out some other fun fragmenty stuff:

Mommy's Idea

I really have to thank Mrs. 4444 for this. I don't think I'd be able to get a post out at all if it wasn't for the fragment approach. You see I'm slightly delirious over here. You've all been kept up to date on my potty training escapades (Start here, update here) well we have a new wrinkle in the program. No Fred has not returned, in fact it is quite the opposite. Ever since Sweets declared her non-Fredness and her intention to use the potty she has been rock solid, even at night! The wrinkle it turns out is she has been waking at four or five in the morning, to use the potty, and has not been able to get back to sleep.

One might think this sudden 3-4 hour gap in her sleep would lead to the possibility of an afternoon nap returning but oh no this has not been the case. Instead we have all been enjoying the antics of a sleep deprived three year old and her bleary eyed parents. Ahh it as if I am reliving my college days! Anyway, last night I was able to get her to go back to sleep at 4:00 so I'm excited that some semblance of human behavior has returned.


The aforementioned lack of sleep and uninterrupted time has kept me from my usual blogging schedule, as I reported yesterday. I really had this big plan to put together a really nice compilation of FUN resources but alas that was not in the cards this week. I did put a couple of links I found interesting in the "resource linky" which is in my sidebar (Scroll down to the right to see and go a head and add any you would like to share.) Each week I will put up a Linky where, it is my hope you will join me too, we will put any posts or resources that apply to the parenting virtue that week.  I think this is a great way to give new life to some of the your old posts and eventually I hope to make a "Best of List" for each virtue so we all have a place to go when we need a little inspiration on a particular topic. Next week is Discipline week so any posts on your success or lack there of in this department will be greatly appreciated! The Linky will be up in my Sidebar on Monday and I am planning a resource post, in which I will highlight and post the linky again, so if you add anything it will be included in that post!


I thought I'd take a moment to call attention to the new photo of The Girl and I posted on the blog! ( I put it here in case you are reading in a feed)  I thought I should give you all the face of Everyday Mommy and I just love this photo. The photo is a couple of months old now but I finally got in scanned in to share. I happened to have the picture taken as I was trying to get Sweets comfortable with her three year photo session. On that particular day she uncharacteristically did not want to be in front of the camera. I lured her in by having a couple of photos with mom taken. I was not dressed for a photo session, had no make up on or anything but somehow that photographer managed to make me look pretty good! The Girl and I share a birthday month so I think I'm going to make a yearly "Birthday Photo" of the two of us a tradition. Who knows next year I might even plan for it!


I thought I'd share some of the best Sweet's lines of the week with you. I will eventually add them to the "Things The Girl Says" scroll but these are just too funny to miss:

‎"Daddy, sometimes I call Hot Chocolate Hot Cocoa but it is really Hot Chocolate." Sweets you just might be right.  After some consideration, "Daddy, I am right."

Daddy laughed so hard at this he impressed the concept permanently on the Girl's psyche. At any point now we can say, "You just might be right." and get a "I am right" in return.  Last night I decided to ask why she thinks she is right and she responded, "Because I am brilliant." I guess that humility virtue hasn't kicked in yet!

‎"Mommy am I four now? I've been three a very long time by now."

The poor Girl has wanted to be four since the day after her third birthday!

Much to my chagrin we have embraced some World Cup fever over at our house.  Daddy decided The Girl needed to have her very own vuvuzela when he tired of showing her his annoying phone app. The girl definitely agreed and joyful squeals of

"We don't need to vuvuzela with Dad's phone anymore." and "Don't vuvuzela me!" rang through out our house! Thankfully The Girl uses the device far more often as a telescope then for its intended use so I haven't had to sneak it into the recycling bin.

Vuvuzelers from Photography blogger
Go here if you want to hear the annoying sound!

And finally, my personal favorite of the week:

‎"Mom, I have an idea. Don't watch me and it won't be too dangerous."


It looks like my Sweetie has decided to spring one of his special get away weekends on us(we are told to pack a bag and some surprise awaits! Super super fun - and in keeping with the spirit of the week!!) so I will not be around to write my weekly THEN and NOW post as planned.  I will continue to keep the THEN and NOW linky up in my Footer -- just scroll on down to see, so please jump on in and join us if you have and THEN and NOWs to share. I will be back next week with an all new story, ok I realize I promised that last week but really I will!!  (Of course, this announcement is subject to review and cancellation depending on market and weather conditions).


Alrighty then... I guess I'll end here! I'm going to join the Over 40 hop again... I met some really fine folks last week and I'd love to again. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Next post: Possibly something fun or maybe we'll get right to the Discipline!

My Thirteen Virtues of Great Parenting are:
Fun, Discipline, Creativity, Love, Wonder, Listening, Curiosity,Compassion, 
Trust, Acceptance, Empowerment, Humility and Flexibility

This week is all about Fun. Next week we tackle Discipline.


  1. What a lovely photo - no makeup and no fancy clothes makes for a beautiful picture I have to say! I love your daughter's little quotes and remarks, quite priceless. Enjoy your surprise weekend break - we are going to a water park this weekend so I hope my little miss enjoys it!

  2. I really love the Resource Linky idea! I linked up a fun, family recipe that everyone can participate in. I have some great discipline posts to link up next week, too. Thanks.

    The photo is beautiful! The photographer really captured the love :)

    As for the early-morning wake-up, she stays up because she knows she has options. What my sister did when this happened to her is showed her son how to tell when it was 6am. He could not come out of his room until the clock said 6. It worked like a charm.

    Have a wonderful getaway!!

  3. Teresa @ Too Many HeartbeatsJuly 11, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    That is a sweet picture of you and your beautiful little girl. I also love the 'Sweet Lines' you have scrolling that she has said. I have three daughters (15, 18 and 23) and I love to look back in their baby books and reminisce about the sweet/funny things they have said. Oh, and I really like the 'Then and Now' idea! That sounds like fun. I'll have to remember it for the future. I have done the Flashback Fridays but this sounds like fun, too.

    I'm stopping by from Java's 'Follow Friday 40 & Over'. I wanted to say hello and share some comment lo♥e.

    I just became your newest Follower and I would be really honored if you would take a few minutes to check out my blog and follow me, too, if you like what you see.

    In the meantime, I hope you and your family are enjoying a really wonderful weekend!


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

  4. Following back! Thanks for stopping by!


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